Deaf Tech Story: Journey of Inclusion

The Deaf Tech Foundation’s story began in 2016, sparked by a chance encounter during Wuni Bitrus’ national youth service in Gusau, Zamfara state. While volunteering at a summer school, Wuni’s curiosity led him to a family with a deaf daughter, Ruth. Realizing the lack of accessible educational opportunities for the Deaf community, Wuni committed himself to learning sign language and introducing Ruth to basic computer skills.

Word spread quickly, and soon Wuni was overwhelmed with requests from the Deaf community eager to bridge the digital divide. Recognizing the immense need, Wuni relocated to Jos, a hub for people with disabilities. There, he met Pantong Dashwet, a Gallaudet University graduate who shared his passion for empowering the Deaf community. Together, leveraging their combined expertise in technology and Deaf culture, Wuni and Pantong founded the Deaf Tech Foundation in 2017.

Pantong Dashwet with grey shirt and Wuni Bitrus with black shirt standing with hands crossed.

How Deaf Tech Foundation Aligns with SDGs

The Deaf Tech Foundation is committed to empowering the Deaf community in Nigeria by promoting several Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set forth by the United Nations. Here's how our initiatives contribute to a more inclusive and equitable future:

Deaf Tech Foundation

is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission as a not for profit, charitable NGO under the management of a Board of Trustees and a Board of Governors. The main function of the NGO is to provide computer programming and robotics education, located in Jos, Plateau State. . The Centre relies on occasional donations and grants for construction and other development expenses.

Unique Approach

Our unique approach to learning

Project-based Learning

We believe in the power of hands-on learning. Our students work on real-world projects, collaborating with peers and instructors to develop innovative solutions.

The Dream Team

Meet our Team

Keziah passport photograph


Interp/Web dev

Satzen Boniface Chief Operations Officer - Ekoja Abraham Oche

Satzen Boniface

Ui/UX Designer



Joy Yusuf's photograph

Joy Yusuf

Asset Mngr

Ponfa Michael Joseph

Ponfa Micheal

Web dev/Robotics

Comfort Ewule Photograph

Ewule Comfort


Mercy Grimah

Robotics/ Web Dev

Passport - Nenmeemwa Nelson

Nenmeemwa Guteng

Fin Sec/ Interp

44F62A39-D1BB-47C9-9A4C-B6E48B3D03FC - Chirka Deshi

Chirka Deshi


20230825_164110 - Mariam Williams

Mariyam Williams



Mercy Sale

Robotics/Web Dev

Dorkat Clement

Dorkat Clement


Maranatha Nguhilen Haa

Maranatha Ha'a


Charity Badung

Chirka Deshi



Wuni Bitrus


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