Ekoja Abraham Oche

Design Lead I Social Media I Branding

About Ekoja Abraham Oche

Hi! My name is Abraham. I am a professional Brand and Graphics designer, entry level UI-UX designer and a community impact/development advocate. I am passionate about innovating and designing to impact people’s lives and communities for social good.

I love engaging in design processes and hackathons, I love creativity, arts and culture, and I also love taking new and exciting challenges.

I am currently a blue belt martial artist in Taekwondo and I’m a multilingual in Arabic, French, English and a newbie in sign language. I’ve got lot to say about me, but I think this preaches enough of me.

Hobbies: Reading, Movies, Martial Arts and learning new stuff.



Being part of Deaf Technology Foundation came with the excitement of seeing Deaf individuals being trained, mentored, empowered and daring to be future problem solvers and world changers. People can be empowered to impact and change the world irrespective of their ability spectrum- This is the magic of Deaf Technology!
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