The DEAF Technology Foundation in Jos has launched a Reading Club aimed at fostering literacy and education within the deaf community. This initiative provides a platform for deaf individuals to engage with literature, improve their reading skills, and connect with others who share a love for books. The club will feature various activities, including book discussions, storytelling sessions, and literacy workshops, all designed to cater to the needs of deaf readers. By promoting a culture of reading, the foundation hopes to empower the deaf community, enhance their educational opportunities, and enrich their lives through the power of books.


“It is very difficult for anyone to learn to read who is prelingually deaf, or even post lingually deaf but didn’t attend school. But now with your Saturday reading sessions, we can help them.

Your informal setting is ideal for that. No chalk and talk. Just informal activities designed to developed literacy skills.”

The above quote is Professor Joanne Umolu commenting on our Saturday reading activities.

As you can see in today’s pictures include book review wizards, book addicts, book eaters, and instructors- Tongjal N. Wungakha, Sonia Sunday, John Keziah, Racheal Philip who came today to bring out the best in these kids and students.

The best gift you could give to these kids and students is nothing less than donating a book to support their journey into becoming Readers-Leaders.



Deaf Technology Foundation

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